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 IST Court Reporting Services:

Mobile Technology

Leverage IST’s easy to use online tools for deposition scheduling, simplified transcript and exhibit downloading, mobile tools, and advanced search capabilities. Our event scheduling, client dashboard and mobile technology enable seamless access to your schedules and transcripts and the ability to search and annotate anytime, from anywhere.


  • Event Scheduling Made Easy - Built-in invitation tools allow you to easily send emails to all attendees that contain details of any online litigation event, such as URL, date and time.
  • Dashboard - Managing online litigation events and exhibits is easier than ever using IST’s Dashboard tool. Built-into our full-services platform, the Dashboard is a single sign-in system developed to easily attend all upcoming litigation events, as well as upload, manage, and view digital files to be used with electronic exhibits.
  • My Calendar - The My Calendar view shows the current month and lists any litigation events you have been invited to attend.  From My Calendar, you can:
  • Select an event and view its details
  • Join an event
  • Upload and share files for the specific event
  • Preview shared files
  • Download case specific files
  • Mobile Technology - Easily attend local and web-based litigation events from any tablet or smartphone using our browser-based system optimized for mobile devices. No need to download any app as our services can be utilized via the browser of all mobile devices, IST Court Reporting is on the go!
  • Follow along with the real-time transcription feed
  • Watch the live video feed of a witness’s testimony
  • Participate in non-discoverable private group chat
  • Search and highlight keywords
  • View, share, mark-up, and submit digital exhibits

IST’s mobile solutions keep everyone on the same page. IST offers a secure document repository for transcripts and exhibits, multi-format downloading, full-featured deposition scheduling and calendar management functions, and easy searching to let you find the documents you need, and the information you need inside them.