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 IST Court Reporting Services:

Paperless Electronic Exhibits

Easily introduce, manage and collaborate on digital exhibit files using a computer or mobile device.  Electronic exhibits allow litigation professionals to digitally introduce, manage, and collaborate on exhibit files from within the IST platform. In addition to eliminating the disorganization that comes with paper files, using IST’s electronic exhibits feature also allows the storing of important documents online in an easily accessible, organized manner.

  • Multi-location Exhibit Sharing - Optimize your litigation event experience with multi-location exhibit sharing. Whether onsite or remotely attending, instantly upload, view, mark-up and export digital files.
  • Electronic Exhibit Stamping - Legitimize and finalize exhibits by placing onto the exhibit an electronic stamp that includes the exhibit name and heading, the witness name, the date and the initials of the person submitting the exhibit.
  • Real-time Markup - Markup exhibits in real-time, no “pushing of files” or time delay.
  • Online Digital File and Event Management - Easily view and join all upcoming litigation events from an online dashboard.  In addition to the event calendar, the dashboard acts as a file management system where you can upload, manage, and view digital files.
  • Exhibit from a Mobile Device - View any shared digital exhibit file using a tablet or smartphone. Upload from devices camera roll, markup, stamp, save, submit, and export official documents to your device.

No need to bring banker boxes full of mounds of paper to depositions, trials, hearings, arbitrations, and mediations. Digitally upload files prior to a litigation event, or upload “on-the-fly” as the online event takes place.