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 IST Court Reporting Services:

Interactive Real-Time Transcript Review

Whether your team is in Atlanta, Los Angeles, or anywhere in the country, our solutions deliver the highest quality real-time feed and instant transcripts right to attorney’s computers during the deposition.  Attorneys can even connect to the transcript feed from mobile devices if they are between offices.

  • Real-Time Transcript Review - With real-time technology, transcripts are at your fingertips—literally.  IST’s Interactive Real-time Streaming gives attorneys the ability to remotely follow along with a court reporter’s real-time transcript, search for and highlight keywords, add personal notes, create reports, and export data into the litigation viewing software of their choice.

IST’s Certified Reporters’ expertise, work ethic, and attention to detail ensure an impeccable level of accuracy every time.  Experts in real-time technology, we’ll provide a live feed of the transcript right to your computer during testimony—whether you’re participating remotely or on site—and you’ll be able to leave the proceeding with a rough draft in hand, as well as a polished final copy upon completion.