Data Processing

 IST Discover-E Features:

IST Discover-E tools extract full text and metadata from hundreds of file formats and help you narrow the universe of potentially relevant documents by delivering advanced keyword search capabilities, date restrictions, de-duplication, and file type restrictions; We can customize data filtering to match the needs of your case.  By employing multiple processing platforms, we are able to utilize the most effective tool to process any given set of data, rather than being locked into a single platform which may not be optimal or cost effective for the project at hand.

Core processing attributes include:

  • Central dashboard for monitoring progress
  • Complete metadata and container extraction
  • Password bank for processing encrypted files
  • Extensive error reporting
  • Real-time status and email notifications
  • Native application imaging
  • Full production support
  • Scalable infrastructure, from single server to distributed processing units
  • Extensive reports provide a complete processing history for each document
  • File type analysis
  • De-Nist (based on updated NIST database)
  • File type filtering
  • Standard and search-based processing
  • Metadata extraction
  • De-duplication (custodian or global)
  • Near duplication (custodian or global)
  • Email threading
  • Predictive coding
  • Foreign language identification with percentage classification and ranking

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