Technology Assisted Review

 IST Discover-E Features:

It is widely thought that technology assisted review’s (TAR) efficacy is limited to deduplication and email threading, but the amended FRCP rules make first pass technology assisted review a more viable option than ever.  TAR and statistical sampling can significantly reduce risk and improve productivity in eDiscovery processes.  With such measures, attorney stakeholders can make informed decisions about the reliability and accuracy of the review process, thus quantifying actual risk of error and using that measurement to maximize the value of expensive manual review.

Counsel that adopt these techniques are demonstrably faster, more informed and productive than those who rely solely on attorney reviewers.


IST Discover-E can provide this service using Relativity Assisted Review for a fraction of the cost of contract attorney review:

  • You can gain greater insight into your data set faster and with (arguably) better accuracy.
  • The data set is culled after first-pass TAR so billable time for contracted attorneys in second-pass review is minimized.

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