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IST Discover-E Solutions

Versatility and Control.

IST Discover-E Managed Services

For clients in need of a long term solution to handle a consistent case load, IST Discover-E offers our advanced Managed Services solution taking our service model a step further by dedicating an instance of Relativity, processing engines, hosting and even project managers specifically to the client.  Our managed services program provides all of the versatility and control of an on premise solution, but without the onerous capital spend on infrastructure and maintenance.  Your monthly fee covers all of the associated cost.


IST Discover-E's infrastructure is powerful enough to meet AM Law Top 100 firm's needs, but is also scalable to support modestly sized firms. Whether you are a top grossing law firm or a start up, you will feel empowered to have the resources that are most beneficial to your business.

IST Discover-E comes in as simple or complex a solution structure as you like.  Having supported legal and corporate counsel in varying capacities since 1997, the first thing we wanted to address with IST Discover-E was our customer’s need for price certainty.  Traditionally, eDiscovery costs are notoriously variable and no company wants to enter litigation with a discovery budget only to see it blown up by unanticipated expenses.


From a la carte options to full managed services suites and beyond, IST Discover-E has the infrastructure to support any and all of your eDiscovery needs and the pricing structure to ensure you always know what is going to be on your next invoice.


One of the ways we are doing this is by offering All-In Data Processing.  By expertly applying automation tools in Relativity, our clients never have to pay unnecessary technology processing fees again.

  • NO ADDITIONAL COST for TIFFing (Image Conversion)
  • NO ADDITIONAL COST for Bates Labeling
  • NO ADDITIONAL COST for Production Branding
  • NO ADDITIONAL COST for Database Setup
  • NO ADDITIONAL COST for User Setup

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