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White Paper: What is Data Expansion?

We all know additional data can pile onto a case throughout the e-discovery lifecycle. But did you know that the data you already have may grow, too?... discover more

White Paper: FRE 902 Amendments

Two amendments to Federal Rule of Evidence 902 (FRE 902) that became effective 12/1/17 have a significant impact on the collection of Electronically Stored Evidence (ESI) and its admission at trial.  Rule 902... discover more

Infographic: eDiscovery Services you Shouldn’t be Paying for

Legal professionals agree that controlling costs is one of the most important success factors in a matter... discover more

White Paper: The 2 Most Important Security Questions

to Ask Your eDiscovery Service Providers

Last year, the leading standards organization for the eDiscovery market, EDRM, announced the release of a Security Audit Questionnaire meant to act as a practical tool for evaluating the security... discover more

White Paper: How eDiscovery Fits Into Corporate Compliance

Today corporations are being confronted with much greater Electronically Stored Information (ESI) volumes and related costs; and therefore, much greater risks in the form of real consequences such as sanctions if regulatory or legal requirements are not met. These very real issues are driving corporations to... discover more

White Paper: Single Tool Workflows Unlock Key Efficiencies

We all have 24 hours in our day. Time is our most valuable commodity and how well we use it can be the primary determiner in our success vs. failure. The key to making a success of our time is to dictate where the time goes, how it is used and how to avoid letting it slip away... discover more

White Paper: Where does Artificial Intelligence fit in law?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is trending in 2017. Hardly a day goes by without another article about the mind-blowing potential of applying AI to human processes. The topic has moved solidly beyond the technology press to the mainstream and even has prognosticators touting its benefits in law practice. Predictably, the AI buzz is not resonating within the legal community as they express real concerns about its... discover more

White Paper: WannaCry

In a world where any email attachment could be carrying malicious software that could go viral, how can corporations and law firms made up of individuals specializing in areas other than cybersecurity be certain they are protected? Considering that almost half of U.S. organizations experienced a data breach or failed compliance audit in the last year, the simplest answer is to outsource non-core functions to companies that specialize in the service and bring... discover more

White Paper: Is eDiscovery Passing You By?

The widely complex eDiscovery landscape, punctuated by a series of mergers, shakeups, buyouts, Brexit, and the Panama Papers scandal in 2016, continues to grow and evolve making it more necessary and more difficult for legal practitioners to maintain an edge on the competition.  As 2017 hits its stride, IST Discover-E decided to take a look at real data to determine what this year will bring... discover more

White Paper: Advancements in eDiscovery ECA

Before the term was co-opted by eDiscovery vendors, Early Case Assessment (ECA) was a concept that captured the essence of the trial lawyer’s craft. The term encapsulates all activity involved in quickly analyzing and synthesizing scattered evidence, collaborating on initial case strategy and formulating a litigation plan that will advance that strategy to successful resolution... discover more

White Paper: Navigating Ethics in eDiscovery

What are an attorney’s ethical duties in the handling of discovery of electronically stored information? Notes On The State Bar Of California Standing Committee On Professional Responsibility And Conduct Formal Opinion No. 2015-193

Not every litigated case involves eDiscovery. Yet, in today’s technological world, almost every litigation matter potentially does.  The chances are significant that a party or a witness uses email or other electronic communication, stores information digitally... discover more

IST Discover-E: Index of Terms

The amended Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP), recent headlines highlighting spoliation sanctions, and rising costs have made eDiscovery a top priority for legal, IT, security, and records management teams.  However, there seem to be no precise, concise definitions available that can truly put boundaries around the process.  It becomes sort of an umbrella phrase that essentially deadens decision making from senior non-technical decision makers.  The following index of eDiscovery terms breaks down eDiscovery lingo into its most simplistic terms and provides a homogenized basis to help guide... discover more

White Paper: Top Seven Tips to Finding the Right eDiscovery Vendor

The production of electronic documents and data is now part of our litigation culture. Cost-effective managing of the harvesting, review and production of such information requires careful selection of your eDiscovery vendors. If you take the time to educate yourself about the vendors prior to actually... discover more

White Paper: New FRCP Rules

If litigation is the highest form of gambling, then electronic evidence has upped the ante.  You may think the amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) have us eDiscovery service providers licking our chops, but that’s not the case.  The FRCP amendments effectively limit eDiscovery in the face of ever-increasing amounts of data. We too are evolving our roles from simple ad-hoc service providers to (ideally) SME consultants able to be more actively involved in matter preparation... discover more

White Paper: Understanding GDPR

GDRP might be a European regulation but failure to comply can be very costly if you don’t know how to navigate the differences between US and EU data privacy laws.  Are You Ready?... discover more

White Paper: Is Your eDiscovery Vendor Keeping Your Data Secure?

Today’s eDiscovery service marketplace offers a multitude of eDiscovery service options; some of which offer the option of consolidating with a self-service, cloud-based platform... discover more

White Paper: Hitting the Target: eDiscovery RFPs Made Easy

Sitting at the nexus of eDiscovery consulting, project management and sales has made me exceptionally familiar with Requests for Proposals (RFPs). IST Discover-E responds to hundreds of them a year... discover more

White Paper: What to Expect from eDiscovery in 2018

A big part of one year’s end is planning for the following year’s beginning; and in doing so, it’s important to look back and clearly understand what happened in eDiscovery in 2017... discover more

White Paper: Leave it to the Experts, eDiscovery Project Management

Dealing with electronically stored information (“ESI”) is intricate and tedious work.  The details to be handled are endless and the skill set needed to do it effectively requires endless education and training.  Those of you who let someone else deal with ESI on your behalf understand the complexity that is involved well enough... discover more

White Paper: The Balancing Act

5 Pitfalls of Doing Business with Organizations Undergoing Mergers & Acquisitions.

Globalization and a fast changing technology landscape have all influenced decisions to merge by major players in the competitive eDiscovery field. With dreams of being “bigger and better,” the business behind mergers and acquisitions (M&As) is exceedingly complex... discover more

White Paper: Discoverable Data on Your Mobile Device

Mobile device data management has been a concern for many years and its no surprise that, when faced with litigation or audit, CIO’s are kept up at night wondering if their existing policies are up to snuff.  Discoverable data in the form of duplicate emails and presumed off-record communication is just as... discover more

White Paper: Relativity Gets and Upgrade

With global eDiscovery market revenues expected to continue its average 15% annual growth in 2017, the North American software company kCura accounts for the highest revenue share with their Relativity product.  Indeed, after years of growth there have been countless, cutting-edge technologies rise and fall from... discover more

White Paper: Top Seven Things Your eDiscovery Vendor Doesn't Want You to Know

A recent survey shows that legal professionals acknowledged the importance of controlling costs as the number one success factor in a matter.  In the same way that law firms strive to demonstrate efficiency and holistic protocols internally, they also recognize the value of third-party technologies to streamline key aspects of litigation and reduce costs. With the keys to success being effective budgeting and predictability, it is a fair assumption that eDiscovery vendors touting the expert application of advanced technologies would be the most likely direction... discover more

White Paper: Understanding eDiscovery Lingo

For as much as people talk about eDiscovery, there seem to be no precise, concise definitions available that can truly put boundaries around the process.  It becomes sort of an umbrella phrase that essentially deadens decision making from senior non-technical decision makers.  For people with direct technology responsibility who have a duty to make sure senior... discover more

White Paper: Data Security Safeguards

The Panama Papers/Mossack Fonseca debacle emphasizes, as ever before, that protecting your most valuable resource – data – is paramount. Especially when considering how all-encompassing attorney-client relationships must be, when firms use an irresponsibly managed cloud-based system vulnerabilities in data security are a constant risk.  Simply put, a law firm security lapse can be catastrophic – just ask the folks at... discover more

White Paper: Changes in the Rules of Discovery

For better or worse, eDiscovery and the age of "Big Data" has changed discovery.  The past decade has seen a precipitous increase in the amount of information in the average person's possession. The consequence, for discovery, is that everything is more expensive: identification, preservation, collection, review, production and presentation.

Combine all of that with headline-grabbing sanctions awards and it is not unusual for discovery to take a primary role in shaping litigation... discover more

White Paper: Relativity Analytics

Despite the volume of structured and unstructured data continuing to grow, court cases must proceed and attorneys must navigate an increasingly complex and costly sea of data to meet their deadlines without risking hefty fines.  Still broadening the purview of attorney responsibility are recent changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) causing the process for gaining more in depth insight into their information to rely more than ever on better, faster technology and technically... discover more