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Leave it to the Experts: eDiscovery Project Managers

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There seem to be no precise, concise definitions available that can truly put boundaries around the eDisocovery process. The following index of eDiscovery terms breaks down lingo into its most simplistic terms and provides a homogenized basis to help guide eDiscovery decision makers’ process... discover more


IST Discover-E Index of eDiscovery Terms

Single Tool Workflow

Whether you are part of a huge organization or a small law firm, IST has the right solution for your eDiscovery needs.  What solution is best for you?


Our Team

"Every single member of the IST Discover-E team is chosen with care. We invest in hard-working individuals who will go above and beyond to make your firm proud."


Hal Blackman



IST Discover-E consolidates your eDiscovery needs onto our fully-inclusive, cloud-based platform - the preferred mode of operation for savvy firms and corporations as it eliminates the costly infrastructure and maintenance demands of an on-premise system.


The IST Discover-E Solution Includes:

  • Consulting
  • Early Case Assessment, Litigation Readiness & Legal Hold
  • Data Collection/ Digital Forensics
  • Data Processing
  • Hosted Review
  • Analytics
  • Technology-Assisted Review (TAR)
  • Managed Lawyer Review
  • Production
  • Staffed Litigation Support
  • SOC2 Type 2 Compliant Data Security

Not every litigated case involves eDiscovery.  Yet, in today’s technological world, almost every litigation matter potentially does.  Are you ready?

At IST, we embrace the principle of “professionalism with a servant’s heart.”  We deliver at the highest level but never without ensuring our clients are 100% certain that our recommendation is a best-fit for the firm’s needs.



We apply a Single Tool Workflow solution keeping all work in Relativity eliminating fumbled data, extra fees for licensing or the need for additional specialists.  With it, there is zero risk of unsecured, lost or damaged data – data is not copied from server to server.  And the same Project Manager handles your data from start to finish allowing changing search/processing parameters to be enacted immediately.


We recruited The Project Management “Dream Team” from AM Law 100 firms.  Our Project Managers have minimum 10 years of experience in eDiscovery, must remain easily accessible to our clients to provide practical, effective results.  Our Project Managers will work with you specifically to solve problems and make changes quickly.


We created The IST Discover-E Portal so you can check on the progress of your project in real-time including making and tracking change requests providing a single login through Relativity to secure case media tracking/chain of custody.  The portal also facilitates client work order requests that immediately get emailed to the PM team along with real time Case Calendar and Case Documentation directories.


We made our Pricing as Simple and Predictable as Possible so you always know what’s going to be on the next invoice and can easily identify and/or bill back charges incurred on a client’s or department’s behalf.  Or pricing and reporting lets you forecast and track the time and cost of service with real-time insight into matter progress including suggestions to optimize a production ensuring it is completed on time and under budget.


Efficient Systems Architecture

Experienced Responsive Project Managers

Transparency and Communication

Simplified Pricing

At IST Discover-E we recognize that by emphasizing data integrity, our clients can be sure that a breach will not happen on our watch.


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