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 IST DocStor:


IST DocStor is a state-of-the-art, fully secure information management software system that will put an end to your company’s paperwork, filing and compliance nightmares.  Lifetime upgrades are included free of charge.

Single Platform Integration

A single application as a go-to source to store, manage, and access enterprise-wide records and content that easily integrates into existing IT infrastructures and effortlessly and securely accepts all file types associated with common business systems.

Stop jumping from one application to the next!  IST DocStor will organize and manage the following systems:


  • Document management systems, including word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and correspondence management systems
  • E-mail management systems
  • Database management systems
  • Forms management systems
  • Internet Web site content management systems
  • Imaging systems
  • Workflow systems
  • Case file management systems
  • Customer relations management systems
  • Computer assisted design/computer assisted manufacturing (CAD/CAM) systems


IST DocStor Utilizes Secure Cloud-Based Data Storage. Increase productivity and reduce reliance on technology infrastructure while streamlining processes, improving accessibility, providing effective project monitoring, and adding flexibility to your global workforce.

Fully Customizable Work-Flows

Organizations generate and receive a large amount of information which needs to be captured, distributed, processed, managed, stored and retrieved.  With DocStor, you can initiate, automate and streamline high valued business processes. Core features of our work-flow system include automatic, or rules based, launch of workflow, serial and parallel reviews, mandatory or optional participation, work reassignment, setting time duration for each step, e-mail alerts and reminders and automatic escalation.

eForms That Work For You

IST DocStor eForms will be created specifically for your organization. eForms in IST Docstor are intuitive and easy to use allowing even novice users to apply them to time-saving workflows. The familiar Windows format also captures redundant information and auto-populates repetitive fields so you never have to type the same information twice.

Other features include ability to trigger workflows through form submission, capturing information from paper-based or online forms and full text indexing.

Collaborate with Colleagues

Utilizing the notes and chat forum features in IST DocStor, your organization has the ability to centralize communication and brainstorm targeted, interactive, multi-channel and measurable business initiatives.

You can easily and effectively collaborate with target groups, sales channels, professional channels and other stakeholders with all of your supporting documentation at your finger tips.

On-the-Spot Document Retrieval

The need for rapid as well as user friendly information retrieval is paramount so IST DocStor applies a high-powered search engine capable of finding any indexed value within the system including full text searches – similar to Google.  The IST DocStor system improves user operability while delivering correct and consistent results.

Additionally, since you determine the index, you have total control of the search. IST DocStor’s search engine is so powerful it can double as a reporting tool for quick turnarounds.

Adaptable, Real-Time Reports

You typically don't know what you are missing until it is too late. With IST DocStor, you can identify missing items in a quick report and email the employee alerting them to complete a document eliminating the potential for law suits down the road.  Additionally, an expired document can mean thousands of dollars in fines or legal cost.  IST DocStor’s Expiration Sensitive Forms Report gives you a quick glance into what is coming due to prevent falling behind.

Most importantly, IST DocStor’s highly adaptable administrative security protocols allow users to define access classes or groups, so employees have uniform access to the documents they are authorized to use.  The IST DocStor architecture provides secure access points to be set at every level of the document system allowing real-time usage tracking reports which users have accessed which documents, and what modifications, if any, they have made.

On the Move

The information you need is at your fingertips in one easy, web-based tool.  Not in the records room and NEVER lost in transit.  Access your critical information on the go from any Internet-connected PC or laptop.

We tailor IST DocStor to fit each individual organization's needs.

At IST DocStor, we know that each business has its own policies and practices, its own culture, and its own way of using enterprise applications to improve business performance. Likewise, we understand that each person touching a system has different needs—from content creators to document reviewers to organization executives. We work closely with users, listening to their needs and usability objectives, and we tailor our support and training accordingly—because well-trained users equal a successful implementation.

Because user adoption is a major success factor of system implementations, IST DocStor offers customized DocStor end user training as a significant component of our overall services. We come on-site to professionally train you and your staff on the most effective applications of IST DocStor specific to your business practices.


Our fundamental goals for each training program are to:


  • Provide users with hands-on learning experience that simulates their job functions
  • Discuss system functionality within the context of the business processes
  • Leverage multiple instructional approaches to provide the most cost-effective solution at the appropriate time
  • Provide end users with support materials, such as online simulations and job aids, for use during and after the training
  • Perform refresher training upon request.


On-Site Training & User Adoption

Unlike other Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) solutions that offer a product and a support email address, we maintain a highly trained team of IST DocStor Technicians in Atlanta, GA who are available 24/7 via phone and email to adjust and/or trouble-shoot your IST DocStor solution at exactly the moment YOU need it.

And if the problem can’t be resolved via remote connection, we will come to you!  If there is an issue with the process, we will fix it; if there is an issue with the software, we will rewrite it; if there is an issue with the hardware, we will replace it.

Enjoy Peace-of-Mind and Ongoing Support

It is our guarantee that your IST DocStor solution will be 100% effective 100% of the time or you can short-pay the next invoice by whatever amount you deem reasonable.

Training & Support


IST DocStor Certified Staffing

We provide dedicated IST DocStor Specialists to perform all scanning and indexing at the outset of the solution to ensure your paperless office is up and running quickly and without issue.

Quality Service

We utilize our own human resources department to recruit and train all IST DocStor personnel and only hire full-time employees that have the skill sets needed to advance within the company.  Since we promote from within, our employees can see a clear career path and are dedicated to IST DocStor and serving you.

Further, because you are entrusting us with your mission critical documents, all IST DocStor employees are required to undergo a lengthy screening process that includes a phone interview, recruiter interview, manager interview, 5 panel drug test, full background check and a final interview with key IST DocStor upper management personnel.  IST DocStor only hires 1% of the employees that apply to be on the IST DocStor team.

IST DocStor’s ScanPLUS Document Processing is a 5 click process that allows users to assign key definitions to documents, groups, and folders while ensuring electronic document quality using the in-process quality control interface.  This ensures useful and accurate returns on document searches.

Additionally, as documents are refined into these predetermined subsets, security measures are enacted and the processed document becomes subject to the privacy and access rights created by customer administration.

When a document has been appropriately indexed, the IST DocStor user simply clicks Save and the file is loaded into the IST DocStor database for convenient desktop secure retrieval from any Internet connected device!

Automated Scanning & Processing

IST DocStor is able to accept scanned data from your existing scanning devices such as scanners or multifunctional devices.  However, to speed the upload process, we can provide high speed, state-of-the-art scanners equipped with IST DocStor ScanPLUS technology to be used by trained IST DocStor Specialists or your staff.