IST DocStor

Document management made easy.

A single source for your important documents.

The information you need is at your fingertips in one easy, web-based tool and never lost in transit. Monthly costs for off-site document storage and maintenance are in the past.

IST DocStor streamlines document retrieval and management activities via customized work-flows and previously inefficient paper processes can be accomplished seamlessly.

You only have to go to one program to access all of the information you need.  Imagine never having to log into multiple systems with multiple passwords ever again.

Get files you need exactly when you need them.

Improve your communication & work-flow efficiency.

What you get with IST DocStor

Customization is King

Never Repeat Yourself Again

IST DocStor is customized to your business practices prior to implementation making it that much easier for you and your staff to use it from day one.

Automated work-flows and eForms in IST DocStor capture and pre-populate redundant information saving more than just your time, they save your sanity.

No More Help Desk Calls

Committed to Quality Training

IST DocStor is a web-based solution so your IT department only has to make sure everybody’s Internet connection is up and running.

Too many companies charge extra for inefficient web training.  IST DocStor doesn’t make you settle for anything less than dedicated, on-site training for your staff.

Features That Are Right For You

Breaking Down Walls

IST DocStor can perform thousands of business automation functions, but only our expert system architects have created a system you will actually want to use.

Going paperless gives you a secure, cloud-based records program. IST DocStor can be securely accessed on any Internet connected PC or laptop.

Say Good Bye to Paper Cuts

Easy, Seamless Compliance

Getting the documents you need right when you need them with IST DocStor doesn’t just increase productivity; it increases morale.

Your document retention policies along with lost or missing forms alerts are easily integrated into IST DocStor.

Keep Playing the Name Game

Know Who, What, Where, When and Why

Document indexing using in-process quality controls in IST DocStor is the only way to make sure quality documents get to the correct folder.

IST DocStor puts a file access register at your fingertips so you can review all file activity in real time.

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