Talent Acquisition Team

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 IST Legal Resource Management Features:


IST assumes current paralegals and legal assistants and/ or provides new staff with same or greater skillsets.

  • Your Firm can be flexible to the needs of the client and be flexible with scalability of staffing to scale up, down, or out.
  • Immediate increase in quality and timeliness of work.
  • Allows the firm to focus on providing exceptional legal services and focusing on the needs of your clients.
  • Reduces burden on Administrators and combines traditional staff spending into a single invoice (salary, benefits, PTO, annual reviews, salary increases, bonuses, training and career path).
  • Reduce office space and operational spend through reduced head count.
  • Leverages IST’s national Talent Acquisition Team that can hire for your office; paralegals, legal assistants, word processors, accounting staff, executive receptionist, conference room managers, executive assistants, hospitality employees.