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 IST Legal Resource Management Features:

Technology: IST-Request System

IST optimizes workflow management by implementing the IST-Request* system to capture, prioritize and report on all Attorney support activities.

IST implements our proprietary IST-Request software and systems to capture, prioritize and report on all activities within our POD Management system. The benefits to IST-Request technology integration are as follows:


  • IST customizes the system to best-fit your firm’s work practices and culture.
  • The system is Mobile friendly so you can request and check status of projects from anywhere.
  • Tracks and reports on all requests in real time including estimated vs. actual time and billing metrics.
  • Applies proven workflows to standard requests for timely fulfillment.
  • Allows senior staff to prioritize requests by support staff proficiency and distribute workload effectively.
  • Provides Attorney end-users with an online progress portal so they always know what’s going on with their request.


Integrated Technology to Achieve Immediate Results


  • Customization and adjustments to the system can be made any time.
  • The system encourages standardization across legal templates and forms further streamlining support processes.
  • Simplifies time and billing capture for support staff.
  • Provides access to the collective best practices from over 200 law firm clients in 39 competitive markets.
  • Allows staff performance monitoring including stack-rankings of time-to-completion for more effective employee training and management practices.


* Currently in development with expected release in 2018.