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 IST Office Services Features:

Mailroom Management

At IST, we know you need peace of mind, but you also need to impress and we help you gain both by applying IST-Suite, the latest in on-site mail services technology.  IST-Suite systems and processes ensure no parcel, package or piece of certified mail is ever mis-sorted, mis-delivered or lost while simultaneously helping you realize the soft cost advantage of increased efficiency for your staff!

IST offers the following mail services as part of our standard facilities management service package:


  • Mailroom Management
  • Shipping & Receiving
  • Certified Mail Delivery
  • Package Tracking and Delivery
  • Postage Rate Shopping
  • Digital Mail
  • Mail Pre-Sort
  • Mail Delivery
  • Full Reporting On All Volume Activity And Postage Costs With Trending Analysis


IST’s mail services solution includes the following technologies:


  • Mail Database Customization
  • Voice Recognition Systems For Mail Sorting
  • Scan & Signature Capture Devices For Overnight Mail Delivery
  • Certified Mail Tracking


IST designed these technologies with accountability in mind so they are guaranteed to provide peak performance levels for your organization’s non-core functions.

IST's Cutting Edge Voice Recognition Systems.

It all starts with customization of our mail recipient database, which is then integrated with all other mail systems.  By uniting all mail systems under a single database, changes to recipients and delivery locations only have to be made once. IST’s cutting edge, proprietary, voice recognition systems are instantly updated and offer the fastest mail sorting times (when combined with decimal-numeral classifications within a mail database). The result is accuracy ratings of 99.9% and above, which ensure that no piece of mail is mis-delivered and no time is lost fixing the issue. Other mail service technologies require multiple data entries between multiple systems resulting in increased likelihood for error and slower mail sorting speeds.

IST Signature PDA Units.

IST also uses IST Signature PDA Units (hand-held scan and signature capture devices) to ensure on-time mail and package delivery. For day-to-day mail delivery, unique barcodes are set at every pre-determined mail stop. IST associates then scan each barcode upon mail delivery.  IST Signature PDAs are also used for package delivery to recipients’ desk by capturing a digital signature when a package has been delivered.  When the mail or package delivery is complete, these hand-held devices sync with the mail database to create a second layer of security by tracking and reporting activity including but not limited to delivery times. This is also how IST guarantees that all SLA’s are consistently met!


IST Signature PDA Units also track and report on all certified mail activity – from receipt to delivery and every step in between.  IST even goes to the post office to get a scan of the barrel stamp as an added level of assurance to our clients. This guarantees that vital documents are placed into the right hands immediately and never lost.

IST understands that to meet and exceed your expectations, we not only have to provide the best systems, but also provide the finest employees. To achieve this, IST has formed a work environment that is fun, exciting and rewarding. This allows IST to recruit and retain the highest level of employees that are passionate about serving our clients.

Passionate. Exciting. Rewarding.