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 IST Office Services Features:

At IST, our employees are our most important resource, which is why we use our own human resources department to recruit and train all new hires.  Our people, who are the ones that provide the day-to-day level of support, have come to be known as the best in the industry as we offer comprehensive training modules available online via the IST-Suite software installed at their respective sites.  We also provide incentive, rewards and recognition programs, and a true career-path. These programs allow us to place loyal, motivated people who are focused on doing quality work on behalf of our clients.

We offer nearly 40 Bonuses, Rewards, and Recognition programs to incentivize our employees to perform at their highest potential.

IST empowers and trains its on-site employees to make management decisions.  In fact, IST only hires full-time employees that have the skill sets needed to become a site manager.  Since IST promotes from within, our employees can see a clear career path and are dedicated to IST and serving our clients.  All new sites are staffed with a combination of new hires and experienced IST employees in supervisory roles that have received promotions to take on new responsibilities.


IST is very excited to have promoted 85% of management internally.  Through our extensive training and our strong recruiting practices, IST has been successful in creating a great place for employees to develop higher skill sets and build a true career within IST.  All promotions are fair and without bias because we methodically track every employee’s work progress.  When a management position becomes available, we choose the best candidate for the job by analyzing their job reviews, performance, past experience and training levels.

All site employees will report directly to the on-site manager.  The on-site manager will work directly with the client contact to address any staffing, equipment and service activities.  If the on-site manager or the client contact feels escalation is necessary, they both have 24/7 phone and email access to the IST National Account Manager, Operations Manager, VP of Operations and/or the President.  It is always IST's goal to solve all issues quickly and at the closest level of support.

IST requires our employees to take part in an Executive Presence program that teaches and assesses or employee’s ability to totally engage those around them to reach their highest levels of performance.  The program has been full swing for several years now and we now have a ton of employees that have taken the EP exam. They are all graded as well by HR.  The program has been so successful that we do not hire outside site supervisors or managers without the recruiting team/Ops Manager team first looking at all individuals that scored an 85 or better on their EP exam. We want to promote from within and have the tools needed to do that.

Employee empowerment.

Direct access to IST’s Executive Level.

Executive Presence program.

To help promote the peer training of supervisors and assistant managers by current site managers, IST gives a $1,000 bonus to all site managers that successfully train a new manager.

Full Cross-Training: quality service starts with quality training.

IST has created an online training guide and tracking system that utilizes multiple media types to maximize our employees’ learning that coincides with their on the job training. Our online training guide is broken up into several areas with training tutorials reinforcing skills needed to function successfully both at their specific site as well as others in throughout the nation.  Once an employee has mastered a tutorial and shown that they understand the information and can perform the task, it is checked off in the training guide and the employee’s training levels are updated on their HR profile.


When an update is made to the training guide, it marks the tutorial as uncompleted so each employee knows they must be retrained in the specific area.  Employees are then required to go back through the tutorial in order to update their training.

The most powerful aspect to IST’s online training guide is that it is a living document.

30% of the IST work force is fully cross-trained floaters called STARs (Supervisory Trained Action Response).  These STARs are assigned to multiple accounts and trained on unique aspects of each account.  The STARs fill in for all scheduled and unscheduled absences of personnel.  STARs are also utilized at sites when large projects require additional labor in order to complete the project on time.

Labor back-up For absences.