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Print & Imaging Center Management

 IST Office Services Features:

It is our goal to find better, faster and more efficient ways to serve our clients. At IST, we understand the importance of providing our customers with the highest level of copy service. We are not just making a copy, delivering a fax or scanning a document; we are being entrusted to handle your mission critical information. To ensure that we provide the best service in the industry, we recruit the best employees in the field and provide them with proven processes that evoke success. Service is not a catchword at IST... it is our business.

IST offers the following copy services as part of our standard facilities management service package:


  • Copy Center Management
  • Decentralized / Convenience Copier Management
  • Fleet Copier Management
  • Fax Management
  • Scanning and Imaging Services
  • Full Reporting On All Copy Center Activity Including Equipment Uptimes, Service Calls And Response Times
  • Chargeback Reporting By Any Criteria Requested


IST’s copy services solution includes the following technologies:


  • On-Line Copy Request System (Not Email Based)
  • Copy Job Tracking System That Allows Report Customization Based On ANY Customer Criteria
  • Color Coded Copy Center Dashboard To Let All End-Users Know The Status Of Their Job
  • Service Call Tracking System Able To Manage Any Equipment From Any Manufacturer


IST-Suite. Efficient. Effective.

As with all of our services, we use technology via IST-Suite to ensure we are finding the most efficient, cost effective way get things done.  Our copy center services combine an on-line copy job ordering tool with state of the art copy job management and tracking tools that are able to integrate with technologies already on-site or third party manufacturer systems.  IST’s copy job tracking system also reports on every single job performed and allows for accurate chargeback accounting as well as identifying high-volume users that may need to transition to another workgroup.  Further, the service tracking module of IST-Suite monitors and reports on all service calls from the time it was made to service completion and provides timing analysis to determine if SLA’s are met.

Reach your full potential.

Because IST is a privately held company whose core business is providing facilities management services and not placing equipment, IST is able to place any manufacturer’s equipment.  We have developed relationships with every tier 1 manufacturer in the industry and can provide equipment and service at highly competitive rates.    The IST service program entails a variety of provisions designed to optimize the availability of the equipment provided by our manufacturing partners.  The following are just a few:


  • Guaranteed minimum 95% average uptime
  • On-site response time for service calls at a 2 hour average; guaranteed within 4 hours.
  • All provided equipment will be maintained in good operating condition.
  • Maintenance will be provided along with service and repairs as needed.
  • Should a unit be out of service for more than 16 consecutive business hours, IST will provide a loaner unit of similar capabilities.
  • Any unit that IST & Customer determine cannot be properly repaired to manufacturer’s specifications will be replaced at no additional charge.
  • Any unit placed must be Energy Star rated and compliant.


IST will provide service and maintenance for all existing printers for a CPC rate.  The IST print management program includes toner and all supplies (excluding paper).  Additionally, if a printer malfunctions and the cost of the repair is more than the purchase of a new machine, IST will replace that printer at no additional cost to Customer.

By choosing IST’s print management solution, Customer will realize the following benefits:


  • One vendor, one invoice, one service provider, one supply source
  • Standardization of all document output devices
  • Reduced document-related costs
  • Increased overall operating efficiency
  • Monthly asset management reporting
  • Customization to fit your unique needs
  • Ability to adjust as your needs change, without penalties
  • Reduced internal IT service administration



*  Vendor and IST reserve the right to adjust quoted services rates upon review of an inventory of proposed printers to be put on contract.

One solution, multiple benefits.