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Office Services

SERVICE is not a catchword at IST... it's our business.

At IST, we understand that we are not just making a copy, delivering a piece of mail or scanning a document; we are being trusted to handle the distribution of mission critical information throughout your organization.


We guarantee our service by sourcing only the best, most service-oriented people from hospitality industries and retain them by giving them a true career path, intuitive training, countless bonus opportunities, full benefits and award-winning incentive programs.  We then provide our employees with the industry’s only, fully integrated complement of office support technology systems, IST-Suite.  IST-Suite is the keystone to IST’s site operations management and providing IST’s clients with the most efficient and cost effective processes in the industry by allowing our employees to do more with less.  IST-Suite automates previously manual processes like sorting mail or generating reports while incorporating in-process quality controls, employee skills tracking, accountability/SLA management and end-user feedback surveys to ensure total satisfaction with IST’s services from day one.

“The fundamental purpose is to allow you and your employees to focus on your core business.  By allowing you to come to work every morning knowing that the copies are being made, the mail is being sorted, and your staff is taken care of, we return valuable time to you.”

-Hal Blackman

President & CEO

Our Customers

“Comparing the IST team’s work to our previous provider’s work, I am reminded of a saying I learned in elementary school: done is not the same as well done. The IST team does more than just their jobs, they do their jobs well. They are professional, timely, friendly, and dependable. They do the big things AND the little things well.”


Hartford Steam Boiler Insurance Company

Julia Stack

AVP, Rates & Filings

Atlantic American, Inc.

“The team you assigned to our location couldn't be more perfect. From their outstanding personalities to their energy and drive, to their passion for customer service they are PERFECT.  They truly reflect the new Atlantic American image and work ethic that we have Corporately introduced in the last couple of months.”

Barbara Snyder

VP, Human Resources

Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP

“I unfailingly receive a smile from my IST Manager and she is consistently reliable, flexible and performs her work duties in a professional, timely, accurate manner.  She exhibits excellent character and work ethic.  Additionally, she stops by often to check in with me and see if there is any way she can help or improve customer service, or just to solicit feedback to see if there is any area of concern.”

Janet H. Hape

Human Resources Manager

Legal Support Services

“The IST team certainly hit the ground running! They not only started up this site six days early without advance notice, but they have performed admirably during our busiest time of year.”


Air Force Association

Donald L. Peterson


“The IST team has always been more than accurate and courteous mail delivery associates. They have been committed individuals I know I can go to with questions, get assistance from and are very much a part of the NOVA Community.”




Nova Southeastern University

Kathleen Doyle

Abraham S. Fischler School of Education

Middlesex Hospital

“When we contracted with IST, we had no idea that your dedication to customer satisfaction would rival that of Middlesex Hospital. From the implementation team to the on-site staff, every IST employee shares the same passion for getting the job done and done right.”



Alan F. Ascare

Materials Management

Fannie Mae

“We appreciate the work they do, but more importantly, we appreciate the manner in which they get it done.”



Sandy White

FAA Servicer Operations